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Step 1 Vehicle Details Enter your registration plate and we'll lookup your vehicle. Just confirm it's the right one and enter your mileage.
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Value my car at Delgarth Mitsubishi

If the time has come to upgrade your car, you may be looking to sell your existing one to fund the purchase. Obtaining a reliable and accurate valuation for your model is therefore essential to ensuring you aren’t left out of pocket by a buyer. Here at Milton Keynes Mitsubishi, we have extensive experience in valuing vehicles and can provide an honest quote, whether you subsequently choose to sell to us or not.

You can begin by entering your registration number and some contact details into our tool – this will provide you with an almost instant valuation of the car. For a more accurate price, visit our dealership and a member of our team will inspect your model and offer a quote based on its condition, mileage, specs and more. Whether you then choose to part exchange with us or sell privately, you can be sure that you’ll get a fair price.

Use our valuation tool below to get started or contact us today to book a visual appraisal. We’ll be happy to help.


How to get your car valued?


Simply enter your vehicle registration number and you will be prompted to enter your current mileage. 

Your vehicle make and model will appear, now all you need to do is enter your details so we can e-mail you a copy of your valuation request and respond to any questions you may have.

Three valuations will appear, Showroom, Average and Below Average Condition. Decide which criteria matches your vehicle and that's it!

Why have your car valued?


Your time is important and we believe buying a car should be as easy as possible. 

An online search for a vehicle can be overwhelming. You are presented with lists of enticing looking vehicles and special offers but until you visit a dealer and value your part exchange, how are you supposed to know what this important purchase is actually going to cost you?

We provide you with an instant valuation so you can continue your search whenever and wherever you like.

Instant vehicle valuation - its fast and free!


We offer this service free of charge for your convenience. We request your contact details so we can answer any questions should you have them and to e-mail a copy of the valuation. This means that you can keep looking through the rest of our site without having to take notes. 

What happens next


Now you have an idea on the value of your part exchange, you can look at our used car stock or new car offers with a complete picture on what it will cost you to change. You can use the guide price as your deposit in our budget tools, or as a deposit if you are looking at finance quotes.

If you have asked a question during your valuation enquiry we will be in touch as soon as possible. Otherwise please feel free to get in touch either by phone or through our online forms or live chat.