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The Future is Now for Electric Vehicles

You may have started to hear about these revolutionary new electric vehicles but lost interest when hearing terms such as "range anxiety" and that they and the batteries are too expensive. With the cutting edge technology inspiring the latest range of Hyundai Electric vehicles we can answer these concerns with a driving range up to 278 miles and a reassuring 8 year / 100,000 miles battery warranty. We are ready to deliver you the future...now!

What do I need to know?

As with anything new, unless you are in the business of dealing with these models, there are countless different terminologies used to describe electric vehicles that are often unclear.

Hyundai Ioniq lifestyle
Hyundai Kona Electric

Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV)

Combining both a combustion engine and an electric motor albeit with a smaller battery, which is charged through a mains supply and energy returned from the regenerative braking system. You are still required to fuel the vehicle but this hybrid intelligently switches between power trains to maximize efficiency and range. When cruising along without any heavy acceleration you will be benefiting mostly from the electric motor saving money over refueling. Put your foot down and you will get assistance from the engine to preserve your charge. There are various external conditions that affect when the engine will engage but most importantly if you run out of charge the vehicle will begin to act like a HEV.

Electric Vehicle (EV)

Electric vehicles are not burdened with an engine, therefore are free from the expensive requirement of polluting petrol or diesel. They are powered solely by the zero emission electric motor which batteries are charged through a mains supply and energy returned from the regenerative braking system. These motors are considerably more quiet than a conventional engine and feature a melodic virtual hum whilst driving to alert pedestrians. Pioneering technological advances have greatly extended their driving range and with global pressure to make the world more environmentally friendly, the UK electric infrastructure now caters for our growing range of electric motors.

The government is currently offering a £3,000 electric car grant towards new purchases of EV's.

Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV)

We often refer to this power train as a Self-Charging Hybrid due to there being no requirement to plug the vehicle into a mains supply. The electric motor is charged purely from the regenerative braking system and this energy is intelligently used to assist the regular combustion engine to improve efficiency. Whilst offering less fuel savings and environmental gains than other variants, is a great option if you are not able to charge your vehicle overnight or at work but still want to be part of Hyundai's electric revolution.

Mild Hybrid (MHEV)

The vehicle will appear to function much like a regular combustion engine however it can run on electric when decelerating, coming to a stop or pulling away. This has a positive economical impact especially when limping through city traffic. For more significant gains, the other electric variants should be considered first.

Regenerative Braking

Simply put, the energy usually wasted when your vehicle is made to slow down is harnessed and used to recharge the battery. So just by driving you are effectively increasing the electric range. Some models are equipped with adjustable regenerative braking paddles which allow you to manually control how much power to draw from deceleration.

Charging at home

To get the most from your electric vehicle, if your off-road parking arrangement allows it you can opt to install a charge point to your home. The installation benefits from a £500 government grant, which with our partner pod-point leaves only £300 to pay for a standard installation. You can schedule the charging times to start when your mains electricity is at its cheapest such as the middle of the night.

Charging out & about

More and more locations are installing charge points in their car parks to make their facilities more appealing to this growing market. Some even offer a DC rapid charging station offering the potential to maximize your vehicles charge in around an hour.

Parking at Milton Keynes

Large savings are available if you frequent the city. In Central Milton Keynes plugged-in vehicles can park for free in the premium areas surrounding the shopping centre. Permits are also available for free parking in any purple bay if you apply on the MK council website.

Company car driver?

Think About This. Have you ever been able to give yourself a pay rise? You could drive your next company car tax free in 2020. How? Zero Emissions = Zero BIK%


Below are some of our featured offers across the electric range. If you would like details of the complete range of vehicles available at Hyundai please feel free to get in touch.